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ot to bar● Huawei fro

●are very important 〓for Spanish ●telecom companies ●and Spain has no● prejudice agai

m○ participat
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nst a〓nyone.At th

●e end of May,● Jin Yong, ch●ief executive ◆officer of Hua○wei Spain, s●aid most of Huawe◆i's partner●s in Spain◆ have decided to ?/p> he b■uilding

of their● 5G

tand shoulder to sh●oul

der with Huaw●ei despite U.S. san■ctions again■st the company, w〓hich will not im〓pact on Huawei's 5G 〓project in● Spain.Vodafone CE?/p> network. Ge●r

many said it a

馩 Nick Read warn〓ed in

Febru●ary in Barcelona tha●t banning Huaw〓ei from Europ●e's 5G networks w〓ould be harmful fo●r operators ●and consumers●, and might

lrea■dy has a

d■elay its roll○out by "proba〓bly two years".Acco◆rding t

h■igh standard for s■

o Huawei, ●the company ●has long-term par■tnerships ●with ma

ecurity regar■ding 5G

jor mobile c●arriers in S●pain and ar●ound Europe."We○ w

networ◆k, whil

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